Sunday, April 19, 2009

I am drinking my coffee in style now......

About one month ago my coffee maker stopped making coffee. So off to the store for a new coffee maker. I purchased a Mr. Coffee, nothing special just need my coffee in the morning. Then I went to visit Kendy and Jerry. First thing I see when I walk in was a Keurig Coffee System. Wow......loved it.
I wanted the Keuring Coffee System. I really couldn't justify buying yet another coffee maker, since I had just bought the Mr. Coffee. So I thought I would just wait it out for awhile.

Friday morning I went to make my coffee in the new Mr.Coffee. Poured in the water and out it came, all over the counter............... So I did it again. And again, out came the water all over the counter. So after work on Friday we went shopping for a new coffee maker.

Walked into the store and there it was.........the Keurig Coffee Systems. Well it's mine now.

Thought Steve and I would never get to sleep Friday night after all the coffee we drank. Nikos loves it too for the Hot Chocolate:)
You can even make a cup a tea. How good is that:)

As I post this I am drinking a cup of Gloria Jean's Hazelnut coffee........yum:)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter After Dinner Drink ~ Homemade Italian Mellocello

What a wonderful way to end a meal. The last of the Mellocello. Too full to have dessert now. Maybe later ~ Angel Food Cake with Strawberries and Whip Cream, yum.......and perhaps a cup of Raspberry Champagne white tea.

Easter Dinner Main Course

Italian Turkey, Spoonbread Grits with Savory Mushroom Sauce and fresh Asparagus

Easter Dinner Appetizers

Mini Caviar Parfaits and Shrimp Shooters

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kenneth C. Larsen

After all this time, Dad finally has the medals from his time served in World War II.

Snow in Manteno

It has been raining all day. To my surprise it is SNOWING:( We can only hope for warmer weather.

Palm Sunday Dinner with Mana and Pa

Had a wonderful dinner with Mana and Pa. Good food and family made for a special Sunday dinner.