Sunday, April 19, 2009

I am drinking my coffee in style now......

About one month ago my coffee maker stopped making coffee. So off to the store for a new coffee maker. I purchased a Mr. Coffee, nothing special just need my coffee in the morning. Then I went to visit Kendy and Jerry. First thing I see when I walk in was a Keurig Coffee System. Wow......loved it.
I wanted the Keuring Coffee System. I really couldn't justify buying yet another coffee maker, since I had just bought the Mr. Coffee. So I thought I would just wait it out for awhile.

Friday morning I went to make my coffee in the new Mr.Coffee. Poured in the water and out it came, all over the counter............... So I did it again. And again, out came the water all over the counter. So after work on Friday we went shopping for a new coffee maker.

Walked into the store and there it was.........the Keurig Coffee Systems. Well it's mine now.

Thought Steve and I would never get to sleep Friday night after all the coffee we drank. Nikos loves it too for the Hot Chocolate:)
You can even make a cup a tea. How good is that:)

As I post this I am drinking a cup of Gloria Jean's Hazelnut coffee........yum:)

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Haden News said...

Don't you love making the perfect cup of coffee in about 20 seconds!!