Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Events

I brought Crab Cups with Caviar.
Kelly brought Marinated Shrimp. We all want the recipe. It was very good.
Lauri serving us Champagne Tea with fresh fruit. Very yummy.
White crisp linens with pretty pink tulip and potted flowers for everyone to take home.
Emily, Mom and Cara
Emily, Cara ~ pregnant with baby Kelsey, and Mom. Can't wait to meet Kelsey.
Kelly, Lauren and Lauri
Sisters ~ Kelly, Me and Lauri.....minus Kendy North Carolina is so far ~ we miss you. Emily and Caty
Arugala salad with lemon dressing and shaved cheese.
Stuffed Chicken Breast with mushroom sauce, fresh Green Beans/Carrots and Potatoes. Delicious.
Mom's famous Lime cookies and Oatmeal cookies in the middle. The Lime cookies seem to be everyone's favorite.
Mom's cookies and sherbert for dessert. Perfect.
Thank you Lauri you made Mother's Day with our family perfect.
It was a lot of work and I thank you.

Day two for my Martha Stewart flowers from Steven. They smell wonderful. The Magic Bullet from Tom and Lauren. Thank you I have been wanting one.
Nikos and Steve bought me a TV for the kitchen. Can't wait for Steve to mount it tomorrow.

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Haden News said...

Wish I could have been there... Everything looked so good! Can't wait to get the recipe for the shrimp. Your new tv for the kitchen looks great, can't wait to see it up.