Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cara's Baby Shower

Four generations.....Cara (with baby in her tummy), Lauri (Nana), Caty holding Eli and Mana. The cousins..........Emily, Cara, Elle, Lauren and Caty. Jill wish you were here:) Kendra we missed you too. But everyone loved the presents you both sent!
Emily, Elle and Kelly. I just love Elle's smiles:)
Nana with her girls............and Eli. Oh Cara, and you are not due until August. Get your rest now.
Can you guess why the pink roses...........Cara is having a baby GIRL:)
She will be here in August!!!!!!!

The shower today was fun. Great to see everyone. Sure hope the ultrasound is not wrong. Everything was PINK.


Haden News said...

I was thinking about you all today! Cara I still think you might deliver on August 5th :)

♥peachkins♥ said...

Hi. It's my first time here on your blog.You have a beautiful family.

Really Rainey said...

Wow My daughter in "love" is Cara and she is due in August also!
How funny! Have a wonderful weekend!
~Really Rainey~