Thursday, June 24, 2010

Red Raspberries

A few years back I planted three black raspberry bushes and three blueberry bushes. They are planted on either side of my shed. Last year my blueberry bushes turned into red raspberry bushes. I am not kidding! I talked to the nursery where I bought them and they said this could happen. I guess the black raspberries mixed with the blueberries and then they turned into red raspberries. I really miss the blueberries. We had two years of them. Not a big crop, but they were good. This year the red raspberries are better than ever. Lots of them and sweet. The black raspberries will take a little longer. Not ready yet.This is the first picking......about two cups, and a lot more coming.
Wash em and eat em:)


Shelia said...

YUM! If I had picked them, I would probably have eaten more than what would make it home.
Be a sweetie,

Haden News said...

Judy, your raspberries are beautiful!!! I so wish I had some berry bushes.

Pam said...

Gorgeous raspberries. We've picked exactly 3 from ours but there are lots on the way! Wash em and eat em works for me also!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Yummm! I would love to have some berry bushes.